Trust Fund Recovery

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As licensed Tax-Practitioners, TAXPROTECH can examine your tax account with the IRS to confirm the status of all issues (on the business and on your personal account) to effectively determine where you are, and the steps that need to be taken to ensure you get through these issues in the very best manner possible. Once the review is complete, you can decide if you want our help. either way, you will finally know what can be done and not be left feeling like you have no idea where to turn or what to do to protect yourself and/or business.

Payroll taxes are a special kind of tax – what’s referred to as a “Trust Fund” Tax -- where an employer collects tax on behalf of the government by withholding from employees pay in “trust” that these withholdings will be deposited to the US Treasury. These are then shown in the form of balances as IRS Civil Penalties if and when you are personally assessed with liability on these unpaid taxes.

If these deposits are not made, the IRS will hold anyone who is listed as an officer liable, even if you are just a bookkeeper and do not have the authority to make deposits on behalf of the business without senior approval. Anyone who has check-signing capabilities can be liable! It is best to avoid being hit with a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty as opposed to trying to reverse things after you are hit with the balances.

If you owe Civil Penalties to the IRS, are behind on Payroll Taxes, or currently dealing with an assessment on a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, please allow TAXPROTECH in-depth information below to assist you in learning how TAXPROTECH can effectively reduce and resolve your IRS Civil Penalties and/or Business-Related Tax Issues.